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I want to rip your fucking throat out and watch the blood spill from your neck under the flesh of my bare palm. I want to watch you choke and suffocate on your own pathetic nectar of life. Give me the screams. Let me see you struggle. Moan for me to give mercy to your life. Cower on your knees you pathetic weaklings. I am the son of Loki, a great and powerful being, the lord of the beasts you call wolves and you will all acknowledge this upon this stormy night!

(omg that’s great! I mean besides for the hair, which I know you are planing on fixing. I think that is as close as anyone can get)

Thank the lord. The outfit literally cost me over 300 dollars all together. The trench coat alone cost 200. 

Totally not a Supernatural blog, but I’m looking to see what people think of my Castiel cosplay. This is only a test run for it. I know my hair isn’t right, but I’m going to get it cut so I can style it right before the convention. Thoughts? 

I’m holding a cross necklace in the second image, supposedly looking up to God for guidance for those who can’t tell. 

I need opinions!


Starting next Wednesday I’m doing to spend every Wednesday evening making new marvel comic book jewelry. I have a ton of comics and supplies to use up and once I am done I will make an etsy page and sell them! But I need to know what people would buy the most of if they had to!

So please go to this link and take the poll. If you choose the last option just comment here with who you’d want that isn’t listed.

Who do you want to see featured on a piece of comic book jewelry/keychain?

I’m just going to sit here and watch all of you : l I’ve been gone for too long.

On another note….I’ve been busy with college, work and my new boyfriend who…ironically enough is named Thor. I shit you not. Like literally. 
Anyways….-goes to lurk- 

Oh and I find it odd that….I haven’t been here and I gained new followers, the fuck?

Fen: Going to be on other accounts were the mun has more stuff to do and more people actually want to do shit other then ignore me and ultimately the mun -_-


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Numb and Lost Inside |Thor + Fenrir|


He continues to stroke his back hand moving up into his hair, more stroking then petting now as he held the boy to him. Thor could only imagine the frustrations the boy felt, the way the whole world seemed against him. “Because they are innocent some are younglings, they have done nothing wrong. ” He sighed softly “You think that I should kill everyone that is weaker them me? It just is not how things are done”

Thor held Fen closer “Aye, Return with me. You shall have my word that as long as you follow my rules, you will live under m care, under my protection.  Not even Odin will harm you, I swear. to you nephew. “

He grinned as the other agreed. “I do not want you on a bloody leash, there is no need for anymore bloodshed.” He smiled again and picked up Mjolnir. “We will go back now. Get you cleaned up.”

Hearing this made the wolves anger grow more. They were young and did nothing wrong. That reminded him of his own siblings. The triplets themselves had been young and innocent. But where had that put them? Even during their time on Asgard they were treated like beasts unless their father or Frigga was there. Letting his hands curl into fists Fenrir had to bite his tongue. His uncle wasn’t right. He was far from it. But to voice that would lead to nothing. 

Snorting softly to the mention of Odin the boy jerked away and peered off into the distance as he remembered his apparent grandfather. Odin had never cared for the wolf, even when he was but a boy. Back when he had asked Odin outright why he hated the child so much. His answers were simple. Because Odin didn’t trust Fenrir. Hardly anyone did it seemed. 

"It was a figure of speech." Looking at his uncle the boy narrowed his eyes more. "I want to take the Bi-frost through the forest. Not the main gate back to Asgard."

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// Hn. I miss when this account was more active. I use to have more roleplays then I could handle on here before I started work and college at the same time. 

Now I am lucky to even get two going at the same time. Even when I write my own seven para open starters that no one takes advantage of it seems.

Oh well….everyone I use to rp with has seemingly disappeared and I can’t rp with Jorm anymore because Fenrir abandoned him after last night. 


// I’m going to bed. Both Fenrir and Fenris aren’t very happy in my head. Go figure. Neither have been in good moods for a while now. Too much pent up energy, anger and other things. 


Fenrir = Humanoid form
Fenris = Wolf form

^ Just an easier way to differentiate between the two in roleplays. 

Anyways, I have an open starter here. It’s about seven paragraphs long though. It does take place on Midgard in New York. That way anyone can reply easily to the situation at hand. I don’t care if it’s angst or something like that either (just inform me if so in an ask) since Fenrir is already upset in the starter to begin with and has already typically terrorized the forests of the surrounding area.